Limited Time Offer for Tony and Angus's Fans

Russ Rosen is a rarity in our profession! He truly "gets" what you're after.

A Fantastic Headspace & Growth Package for Doctors Who Want to KNOW They Are Ready for Success

  • The Importance of Certainty Power Program (reg. $299) is a 75 minute course with workbooks, audio files, and transcripts that will help you clarify who you are and who you are NOT so you can lay the foundations for long term financial, emotional, and professional success.
  • The Importance of Certainty Part Two (reg. $99) is a powerfully concise, focused, and intense module where you will learn powerful strategies to amplify your certainty, confidence, and value in what you have to deliver.
  • A Deep Dive Into Subluxation (reg. $299) is unlike anything you've ever experienced in terms of thinking and speaking about subluxation. We'll get to the bottom of what a subluxation is and how we measure it, what an adjustment is, and how we know if the adjustment worked or not.

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