“To panic, or not to panic, that is the question…”

How many times in your life has a challenging situation arose and you find yourself on the brink of a panic? It could be a car accident, the athletic performance of your life, your teenager got suspended from school, your dog is missing or someone in your office poses a difficult question you don’t know how to answer.  You have a choice ~ to panic or not to panic?

As a certified facilitator for Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership through the Institute for Health and Human Potential, as a chiropractor whose focus has always been the Nerve System and understanding neurology, and as a chiropractic coach, I can say with certainty that leaders are people who in those circumstances hold it together and don’t panic.  True leaders keep their cool.

If your Amygdala gets hijacked, you’re done.  You lose perspective, you lose 75% of your intellectual power and are in shackles to your ‘fight or flight’ response.  Good luck on saying the right thing or saving someone’s life in this state.

Leaders at all levels need to develop skills to maintain a high EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient).  To be able to take a step back, stop the brain hijack to stress mode, to stay present, and keep the big perspective in mind is leadership. Disallowing the ‘freak out’ will keep your performance high and results great, with little setbacks or fallout.

Want to have better communication in your office? Want to perform at a higher level?  The time is now to demonstrate your leadership.  A downturn economy is the time you must improve yourself, your office, your procedures and your leadership!

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