Goal Planning: A Guide for Doctors

By Dr. Russ Rosen | Cornerstone

Plan your year more effectively by focusing on goals that make sense and will make you happy! I have put together a kit for creating meaningful goals and having a system for following through with them. This will make it so easy for you, even if you’ve never found the groove for making (and achieving) goals in the past.

I don’t know about you, but I have a love hate relationship with goals. I have been setting them since I was 8 years old and had my first job. It was an egg route. Yep, my uncle owned the largest chicken/egg ranch in California and instead of a “paper route” (which most of you have probably never heard of, but when I was a kid, the big way to make money was to get on your bike before school and deliver newspapers.) Instead, I had an egg route. I took my little red wagon, with cartons of eggs and sold them up and down the streets of my neighborhood.

When most of my friends were getting 25-50 cents allowance, I was making a whopping $6 a week selling eggs! 

From that time on my father had me start writing down my goals. The truth is when we take our thoughts from the multidimensional to the 3 dimensional by writing them down, they become more real for us.

The reason why I have a love hate relationship with them is I have failed exponentially more times than I have succeeded. 

With that said, I have had a fair amount of success in my life, and I know that writing goals, writing meaningful goals and using a process like I am about to show you has been a huge part of the successes that I have had, and I have shared this process with thousands of doctors over the years and have had amazing feedback!

Regardless of when you read this, the process will apply to you. I personally like to do this next part every December.

A few thoughts:

  • Take some time over the holidays to rest, regenerate, and have some fun. Come into the new year with something to give from a place of fullness.
  • Take some time to re-organize. Go into your office with lots of trash bags and throw stuff away! Clean up! Get rid of the piles! Include your team; ask them how you can better organize your office. Make room for all of the abundance that awaits you in coming year!
  • Review the documents in this program. When you look at them you will realize there is plenty to ponder. Below are my basic instructions on how to use the documents.


  1. Read “What are your goals for the year” but don’t fill anything out just yet.
  2. Check out the “Three Pillars Five Systems” PDF then head back to the first document, “What are your goals for the year” and fill it out in detail.
  3. Skim through the Create the Perfect Life” program we’ve included. If you don’t just want to create the perfect Practice, but want to create the perfect LIFE, this program is worth checking out. We have some amazing extremely detailed questionnaires you can go through to help stimulate ideas for you.
  4. Head to “Goal Setting Article”!
  5. Use “Goal Setting Template for your bigger goals.
  6. BONUS! Here is a blog on How to Set Meaningful Quarterly Objectives and Follow Through

So from ours to yours much love and aloha and have wonderful Holiday Season and safe and happy New Years!


Russ, Kat and Angie