Group Chiropractor Coaching

Okay, if you just came from checking out our Practice Mastery Program and you feel extremely excited but you recognize that you need more support and accountability then you will absolutely LOVE our group coaching program.

You still receive everything from our Practice Mastery Program.

We will also PERSONALLY hold you by the hand and walk you through a 24 week, intensive program. You will be in a very small group of committed doctors (i.e. 8 or less) working together to master and fully implement this entire program. We will address every module, role play, answer questions, create very realistic scenarios, hold you accountable, and literally walk you through the process of experiencing transformational business and personal results.

Docs, if you want to succeed in this group chiropractor coaching program, then you are going to really commit by forming accountability groups with other DC’s from around the world (we will assemble this for you) so that together you can provide value to one another. We also recommend that you choose a role play partner and practice AT LEAST once each week. This program is NOT for the faint of heart and if you are serious about practice growth then we encourage you to get involved.

When you sign up, you will gain immediate access to our Practice Mastery Program. We will then contact you to enroll you in our next boutique group coaching class so that you can hit the ground running!

Get ready to TRANSFORM!

Our 24 Week Coaching Program includes :

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    12 One Hour Group Coaching Calls (8 doctors or less)
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    Weekly Accountability/Role Playing Calls with Your Accountability Group
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    The format is Group Call, Week off to study and master, Group Call, Week off to study and master etc.
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    This is a VERY intensive program that will catapult your learning and results!
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    Everything in our Practice Mastery Program

Our group coaching works exceptionally well when the group dynamic is spot-on. We carefully curate personalities, goals, and backgrounds so that our group experience is fantastic for everyone. We require a phone consultation to learn about you, your goals, and your mentality before we can accept you into one of our groups. This ensures that you get the absolute most out of your time with us!

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