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Learn from Trusted Advisors and Explode Your Practice Growth!

Discover our battle-tested program for creating a positive, wellness-focused practice with loyal patients who want to “get healthy, stay healthy, and have the best life possible”.

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Transform Your Practice

Join The Hundreds of Chiropractors Who Have DITCHED the Old School Mentality and Created Their Own Optimal Wellness Practices with Us!

The old chiropractic model is dying.

Our patients only associate us with fixing back and neck pain. We know we can help them get healthy, stay healthy, and have the best life possible but how do we get them to GET IT?

Insurance won’t get better.

The days of finding new patients with great insurance are quickly going away. How do you successfully move away from insurance and fill your practice with patients who are happy to pay for your amazing services?

Patients have far more choices.

Patients have many options and instant access to information. Unless they truly GET WHAT YOU DO, they will not want what you offer. How do you bridge the gap?

Most doctors fail to plan effectively.

The lack of a strong business plan for growth is a mistake that can cost you everything. You need to know your goals and how you’re going to achieve them.

Here’s How It Works

We have perfected a realistic, scalable program that will help you identify where you are in your progress and then take you to where you want to be as you transform your business into an optimal health and wellness practice.

Optimal Health Chiropractic Training

Optimal Health Chiropractic Training

Get started today and start perfecting your practice at the pace that you are ready to work with. Our program starts with getting YOU where you need to be in order to enact REAL change in your practice and in your community. From there, we have the right material to help you along the path that’s best suited for YOU and YOUR practice –
not a “one size fits all” solution.

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Chiropractor Business Coaching

Chiropractor Coaching

Personal 1-on-1 coaching is where our expertise truly shines to make the biggest impact possible for you and your practice. We will make sure that you are working toward goals that are meaningful. We will help you get incredibly specific and focused on what you actually need to accomplish to achieve your goals. In fact, our most common feedback is ‘Your coaching is not like anything I have ever experienced before!‘ Our coaching clients are our pride and joy; we will treat your practice like our own.

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Optimal Health Chiropractic Options

Real Support. Real People.

We know what it’s like to need support. We’ve built our own practices, served our own communities, and dealt with the anxieties, concerns, and conflicts that you find yourself facing. We are real professionals with real-world experience doing exactly what you are trying to do. You won’t find a better partner for your journey.

“When it comes to communicating in an Optimal Health and Wellness model, Russ Rosen possesses spectacular battle-tested skills and strategies.”

Pat Gentempo

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

Co-Founder of Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

“[OHC’s] focus is on the individual, developing effective strategies to turn your goals into… “real world” methods that empower patients, rather than relying on fear and scare tactics.”

Christopher Kent

Dr. Christopher Kent

Co-Founder of Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

“…an incredible ability to identify any hindrance to your success and provide a clear approach for immediate solutions.”

Drs. Warner

Drs. Theresa & Stuart Warner

Founders, Kids Day America

“I’d tell any chiropractors who wants real success to work with [OHC]. I feel comfortable and confident with them – and that’s not an endorsement I give easily.”

Tedd Koren

Tedd Koren, DC

Montgomery, PA

“…the level of success and certainty that [Dr. Rosen] helps his clients achieve is extraordinary.”

Jeff Slocum

Jeff Slocum, DC

Co-Founder of Learning Curves™

“With your steady guiding hand you’ve allowed me to get the most from myself and, in turn, all others around me. Your coaching-style, mentoring and friendship have helped me want to be a better person, father, husband, son, chiropractor, and friend.”

Michael Acanfora

Michael Acanfora, DC

Bayonne, NJ

“Our per visit average for collections has doubled and all of our patients are on the same fee schedule. The time we were spending on new patient exams, reports, and re-exams has literally cut in half due to the streamlined communication skills we have attained.”

Andre Camelli

Andre J. Camelli, DC

Corfland, OH