With this Coronavirus crisis and social distancing, how do you handle cancellations?

By Dr. Russ Rosen | Crisis Communication

Below is an outline of what I discussed in the video above.

Hi (Patient’s Name),

  • I understand your concern and social distancing is important. 
  • We can cancel this weeks appointments if you prefer.
    • Address how you will handle their next appointments.
  • Keep in mind if are in pain or discomfort, please come in. Pain and discomfort affect the strength of your immune system. 
  • More than ever we want to keep our immune system functioning at its optimum. And we will do everything in our power to be here for you.
  • Address access to nutrients and supplements.
  • I have attached our special policy right now reviewing what we are doing to protect you at our office and specifically what you can do but please know that we are:
    • I am cleaning all surfaces, doors, faucets, chairs and tables throughout the day.
    • Address if you are doing special things right now like:
      • I have also opened all rooms to separate patients so they can wait in their own space.
      • I am adding hours and scheduling patients so there won’t be as many people in the waiting room.
      • Whatever it is that you do.

Be well, 
Dr. Your Name