How to Help Your Community Navigate a Long Self-Quarantine

By Dr. Russ Rosen | Patient Care

What can I do to council my patients as well as myself and family as to how to navigate a long self-quarantine?

Where I live, we are under a minimum of a 30 day complete lock down.

I am very concerned that many people will end up clinically depressed and this will be a fork in the road that leads to a downward spiral.

How can we make this an opportunity to come out of this better than before?

In this video, we address how to take care of ourselves during self-quarantine and why we want to sharpen our skills with this extra time.

One more thing…

I wanted to share an instagram post from my daughter. Take a moment and read below to get a reminder that good things can (and will) come from this.

Getting back to our roots, slowing down, & focusing on what truly matters: this earth & our loved ones. Social-distancing myself as much as possible for everyone in the world who is immunocompromised and to be honest my soul is so happy about it. Woke up and went straight to the garden with new seeds and hope in hand. I breathed in the fresh scent of rain-soaked-soil and ran my fingers through the dirt and I swear I could feel my cells tingle and dance with excitement. I have been planning on elevating my garden-game for months (even years), and am using this weird & crazy time to finally dedicate myself to this long-time dream of mine. It feels right. Before I got out of bed, I made sure to list three things I am grateful for, bringing back my morning-gratitude-practice- because just like diseases and fear, gratitude and love are also contagious and powerful. It’s so amazing and inspirational how during our most difficult, uncertain, and scary times, the most beautiful things seem to quietly bloom. Quarantined Italians sang from their windows. People are shopping for the elderly. Clever and hilarious memes are being created and shared hourly (seriously, people are so funny!). Friends and family are checking in on each other. Humans are recognizing that just because there are borders or oceans between us, we are all connected. We rise and fall as one. Seeing people put the health of others above their addiction to outside stimulation by practicing social-distancing is giving me a new faith in the goodness of humanity and pride in people. The earth is finally being given a chance to breathe again and hopefully heal. China is seeing blue skies & CO2 emissions are dropping. We are being given the opportunity to slow down and focus on what truly matters. There is so much fear, sickness, tragedy, and death… but there is also so much growth, healing, beauty, kindness, and shifts-in-perspectives sprouting up and blossoming. Focus on the good, prepare for the worst, hope for the best, wash your damn hands, & snuggle your pup~ at least that’s my plan!