Touch, Tell, Ask, Teach (the key to success that you can start using today)

Note: Regardless of the technique you use or the type of doctor you are, TTAT will work for you! Once you have completed the next lesson, you will be able to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation where I will help you customize TTAT and "The Whole Story" to EXACTLY how you practice. This is a limited time offer!

This video will give you the exact steps to take to have your clients understand the big picture of health care.

  • I will introduce you to one of the lost arts of care that will instantly position you as a true health care leader.
  • How to simply relate your clients’ chief complaint to the spine and nerve system.
  • How to quickly & confidently let you clients know they are in the right place to get the care they need.

“I have to say that coaching with Dr. Rosen has been one of the single best decisions I have made in my life. In my belief that the interconnectedness of things are undeniable, all the positive changes that have occurred in my practice and my life stem from our work together. With your steady guiding hand you’ve allowed me to get the most from myself and, in turn, all others around me. Your coaching-style, mentoring and friendship have helped me want to be a better person, father, husband, son, chiropractor and friend.”

Michael Acanfora, D.C. Bayonne, NJ

Get an idea of how to communicate in an optimal health and true wellness model for your practice. Watch these short videos to get a better understanding of the foundation of our program.

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