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Transform Your Practice at YOUR Pace with Our Proven Program

The Optimal Health Chiropractic System is one of the most thorough and effective operating systems available to modern chiropractors. We have rigorously tested, refined, and enhanced this program throughout the years to ensure that it is as efficient and focused as possible. It is designed for you to work through the material at YOUR pace with the support that you ask for. You’re going to discover new and exciting ways to identify and overcome obstacles as you plan and achieve the goals for you and your practice.

Explore the Five Systems of Our Program

Headspace and Personal Growth

The pivotal first system in our transformation

Prepare yourself for transformation

True change comes from within. We encounter many doctors who think that they are ready to grow their practice but have not properly prepared their own minds to be successful. This is key to achieving your goals because there may be roadblocks in your own mind. We start with you and then expand the work to look at your practice – when you’re ready for it. At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand the value of having a rock solid and certain foundation for your practice
  • Obtain the intellectual, philosophical, and scientific ammunition to win the “health care” battle in your community
  • Know what it takes to resolve life’s problems, live an abundant and joy-filled life where you vacation or holiday more, earn more and enjoy life more than you ever thought possible
  • Know who you are, what you do as a chiropractor, and what you don’t do, which will prepare you for the rest of these programs (this is a “Do Not Pass Go” step in your growth!)

Operating System & Dream Team

Build processes to grow with

Build processes to grow with

We will multiply your efforts to achieve extraordinary results by focusing on the team and the operating system of your business and practice. Just like with your computer, you can’t be successful without a stable operating system.

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Implement a proven system that will help you hire the right staff for the job
  • Cultivate a team of people who feel this is their calling vs. just a job or career
  • Learn and understand the behavioral characteristics about ourselves and others, in order to increase success in communication
  • Prepare your practice O.S., establish the “10,000 ft. view” of your practice, and then take your view to ground level with real, trackable objectives and follow-up to make sure they are achieved


When they get what you do, they want what you offer!

When they get what you do, they want what you offer!

This groundbreaking communication strategy earned me the 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award from Pat Gentempo, Chris Kent, and CLA. It is the third step in our transformational plan because you simply cannot maximize its impact without completing the first two systems. Many practitioners rely on scare tactics to drive patients back in the door, but just as many (if not more) are afraid to be honest and direct (the O.K. Corral). Neither method is really in the best interest of you or your patients. We’ll show you how to transition from patient scare and passivity to patient care and empowerment, ultimately laying a path for your patients to evolve from pain to optimal health and have them stay, pay and refer for a lifetime. This WILL transform your entire practice!

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Transition from patient scare and passivity to patient care and empowerment
  • Communicate the value of chiropractic, bringing you freedom, financial independence and the satisfaction you’ve been seeking. If they knew what you knew, they’d do what you do!
  • Deal with difficult patients, providing an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your clients
  • Handle new patients, openly and directly, and prepare to bring in boatloads of them!

Perfect Patients

How to find the right kind of patients

How to find the right kind of patients

With the right mindset in place, it’s time to learn how to effortlessly attract boatloads of the RIGHT KINDS of new patients by understanding what is important to them and how to earn their trust.

There are SO MANY conflicting statements in the marketing world but we rely on what we know to work!

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Finally understand what “marketing” IS and IS NOT by identifying who your niche patients are, what interests them, and then how to get in front of them (both inside and outside of your office)
  • Hold workshops and events that convert HUGE numbers of attendees into patients
  • Drive your patients to refer friends and family easier than ever
  • Conduct a real, powerful HEALTH screening that will have people lining up to learn more

Clearing Roadblocks & Capacity Planning

Getting ready for the rest of the journey

Getting ready for the rest of the journey

Now that you know WHO you are (System One), have the right TEAM (System Two), know how to COMMUNICATE (System Three), and can bring in PATIENTS (System Four), it is imperative that we have systems to process all of these patients effectively and efficiently so that they have the best experience possible!

We will address the roadblocks and capacity blocks in our infrastructure that keep us from having the practice of our dreams. Learn how to grow your practice to meet the demands of new, incoming patients while taking great care of the ones you already have!

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • See more people in less time and get even better results (scheduling, block booking, etc.)
  • Get your prospective patients to your talks before they come in for their consultations and eventually “Go Waitlist!”
  • Set up associate doctor relationships that ACTUALLY work
  • Serve more people, make more money, and have less stress

What’s the cost of the Self-Paced Program?

Our Practice Mastery Program has been developed over the course of many years, based on what you really need to focus on to transform yourself, your practice, and your future.

Individually, we’ve sold each of the five systems on their own for doctors who really needed focus on one, really specific topic and weren’t able to use our personal coaching program. If you were to purchase each of the five systems individually, you would spend about $10,300.

The reality of our full Practice Mastery Program is that most doctors who complete it find SO MUCH benefit from the areas they were thinking about skipping over that we wanted to make it incredibly affordable, to the point where it rarely made sense to ever buy a single system again. Therefore, we’ve packaged all five systems of our Self-Paced Program at either a one-time price of $2,897 or 12 monthly payments of $297. You’d spend more than $11,000 buying the systems one at a time, so you’re saving OVER $8,000 when you get started with our Practice Mastery Program in 2018.