Say No To No

By Dr. Angie Meyer | Patient issues

I don’t know about you, but I am getting really negative with all the negativity in the world. The media, the markets, the general consensus, even with chiropractors… I am tired of it. 

I recognize it’s a hard battle not to get sucked into the negativity. All the nay-sayers, the fear-mongers and the ones who say it’s not possible. I catch myself and course correct when I feel myself getting beat down by the attitudes and beliefs of society. I feel the pull to the ‘dark side’ and to say I keep it at bay 100% of the time would be a lie.

But I am ready to take a stand against the status quo. Against what ‘everybody’ thinks or what ‘everybody’ knows. Against what society says is possible and to live BIG, not when the external environment is supportive of leadership, but now, when things are tough. Why? Because you and I deserve a magnificent life. And because we were not put here on this earth to be mediocre.

Maybe it’s just my personality that when somebody says ‘that can’t be done’ I’ll do my best to do that very thing. Not out of spite (well I do have an anti-authoritarian nature), but to show them what’s possible. So the next time someone tells you that your goals and dreams are unrealistic, that it’s impossible to succeed at what you are setting out to accomplish, say, “Watch me”. There are always people doing what others said was ‘impossible’. Are you ready to be that person? I know I am.

The time is now to take a stand. It’s time to remember your dreams, find the fire inside, get creative, get curious, think outside the box and take risks. Because the people of the world need hope not negativity. And chiropractors are the ones to bring it to them. If you don’t, who will?