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System Five: Clearing Roadblocks & Capacity Planning

Now that you know WHO you are (System One), have the right TEAM (System Two), know how to COMMUNICATE (System Three), and can bring in PATIENTS (System Four), it is imperative to be able to process your growing patient list with more ease and efficiency.

We will address the roadblocks and capacity blocks in our infrastructure that keep us from having the practice of our dreams. Learn how to grow your practice to meet the demands of new, incoming patients.

This program will help you:

  • See more people in less time and get even better results (scheduling, block booking, etc.)
  • Get your prospective patients to your talks before they come in for their consultations and eventually “Go Waitlist!”
  • Set up associate relationships that ACTUALLY work
  • Serve more people, make more money, and have less stress

In System 5 we address the roadblocks and capacity blocks in our infrastructure that keep us from having the practice of our dreams.

Module 1: The Flow and Growth Program

This 36 minute program we will answer over 30 questions to help us identify issues that are holding you back. We will uncover roadblocks and unseen issues that you might have with infrastructure and systems.

Have you ever found yourself on the growth roller coaster? Perhaps your practice had a good spike in growth last month but invariably you end up hitting the “glass ceiling” and crashing right back to where you started from. This frustrating cycle of growth and crash happens too often in chiropractors offices and there are very clear reasons for it. The problem is most chiropractors don’t even know where to start looking.

The good news is that sustainable growth is achievable and in this module I’ll show you exactly how.

I’ll go over exactly how to see more people in less time and get even better results. We’ll discuss scheduling, organizational issues, office hours, how to stay in the zone etc. to sustain practice growth i.e. how to see more people in less time and get better results! 

Module 2: Going “Waitlist”. 

There is no denying that the best kind of new patients are the ones that already know they want what you have to offer before even having their initial consultation.

One of the best ways to do that is to get your perspective patients to your Health Care Talk BEFORE they come in for visit 1 and visit 2.

In this module we will dive into the headspace and procedures to Go WAITLIST! And YES you can get them to your talks BEFORE you go waitlist. We show you exactly how to do this!

Module 3: Associate program.

And last but not least… once you open the flood gates and remove the capacity blocks you will not be able to handle the load. This module gives you EVERYTHING you need to Hire, Train and Sustain the perfect Associate relationship!

Let’s get something out in the open here…..the vast majority of associate relationships simply don’t work out. 

Barely a week goes past without me hearing about an associate horror story (and I hear them from both sides).

It’s no wonder that most associate relationships don’t work out…. no one has ever told us how to do it properly.

When I ask most doctors how they worked out how much to pay their associates the most common answer is I just asked a friend. Seriously folks…..this is a recipe for disaster.

Your associate arrangement needs to be tailored to your needs (not your friends).

In this module we show you EXACTLY how to set up a win-win situation right from the beginning! 

I will show you how to set up long term relationships and remove the frustration that so often occurs when you finally get a great associate where you finally start making some money and then they leave.

I’ll also give you the strategies to identify that trouble associate who is likely to waste your time and cost you THOUSANDS!!

I’ll also give you ads to attract that RIGHT associate for your practice as well as applications for employment and associate offers and agreements. You’ll also get an “expectations of associate” form, questions for the hiring process and a ton more! A H.R/employment agency would charge you more than $1500 for these documents alone!

This module comes complete with a tremendous interview with Dr. Brian Torchin (he’s an absolute whiz when it comes to dealing with associates).

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