What makes a great Doctor/Coach relationship?

By Dr. Russ Rosen | Patient Care

I had two emails come in today that inspired me to write this blog. 

The first one was a coaching client. Dr. Miguel Cruz and his amazing wife Lesia (who runs the practice) who simply do what they say they will do each and every week!

The other was from a doctor who is considering doing personal coaching with me and asked me to clarify what “separates me from other coaches” to help him better make a decision between me and another wonderful coach.

First here is a copy of the email (yes I asked if it was okay to share) from Lesia. Every week both her and her husband Dr. Cruz send me an email as to what transpired this week so we can not only stay informed and I can better hold them accountable but so that we can save time during our coaching calls. 

We started working together two and a half months ago.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WORKING with Dr. Cruz and Leisa because they both simply DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL DO each and every week! Does that mean that nothing ever comes up to get in the way of them accomplishing their task for the week?

No! Of course not!

But they course correct. They stay the course and get-er-done.

Now for the email from the doctor asking me to clarify what separates me from other coaches.

Here are some points that I covered:

  • What I believe separates me from other coaches is this. (And of course there are other great coaches and crap ones.)
  • If you want your patients to get healthy and stay healthy vs. just getting them out of pain in a care vs. scare true optimal health model, I do not believe anything compares to what I do. Period.
  • I won the lifetime achievement award from Gentempo and Kent for my procedures and systems in a true health and wellness model.
  • If you want your patients to get the value of a healthy functioning nervous system and reasonable lifestyle. If you want to empower them vs. scare or manipulate them then I truly believe my stuff is the best out there. (Of what I have been exposed to and from the doctor’s I have coached who with other groups.)
  • As for me as a coach. I have been actively studying and living self-actualization for 39 years. I pride myself in helping bring out the best in YOU!
  • You will never be as good at being me as I am so my job is to help you be the best you that you can be by customizing my program to best fit you and how you want to practice.
  • Also, very few coaches have you record live interactions and then listen to them with you. The truth is ANYONE can role play. The question is how do you do in real time with real patient? It is why ALL teams watch game videos. I promise you 100% no matter how good you think you are, I will be able to find blind spots that you simply will never find on your own. Just as you can do the same for me. By definition blind spots are things we cannot see on our own. EVERYONE has blind spots, and no one thinks they have any!
  • You may want to go to the testimonial section on the website. We have 54 pages of testimonials and I stopped asking for them years ago.
  • (He also mentioned that he was interested in learning QN and possibly some other specific techniques.) As far as techniques like Quantum Neurology, QNRT, AK, KST, Nutrition, Functional medicine etc. I personally practice these techniques and most coaches have NO IDEA the value of some of these other techniques. And even less of an idea how to help doctors be successful in those models. 

And then I was trying to figure a tactful way to say this.

The truth of the matter is if you want to thrive in a care vs. scare, true optimal health model I am extremely confident in my program, my coaching and my ability to help you. But after coaching doctors since 2001 I can tell you that that is not my concern. My concern is YOU. 

Will you simply do what YOU say you will do?

You will notice I did not say, “Will you do what I tell you to do.”

My job is to bring the best out in you. My job is to help you clarify what YOUR perfect practice would look like. How YOU want to practice and how to accomplish YOUR goals.

Your job is simple. Just do what you agree to. Just do what YOU say you will do.

Along those lines I wrote a handout for patients called “Looking for a good doctor? We are looking for good patients.” Where I go into detail about what my job as a doctor is and what their job as a good patient is. If you would like a copy you can click below.

So how about you? Would you make a good coaching client? Are you coachable? Do you take action, or do you keep doing the same thing praying for a different response? Do you keep saying you will take action but never finish doing what you agree that you will do?

If you are coachable and would make a great coaching client, and you want to thrive in a care vs. scare true optimal health model we can help!