When Life Gives You Lemons

By Dr. Russ Rosen | Communications

When life gives you lemons: Every moment contains the ingredients for a positive lesson and an epic new adventure.

Recently my daughter posted this in her blog.

I thought we could all find value in it. Has life given you any lemons recently?

Hope you enjoy…

When life gives you lemons… squeeze out all the juice you can possibly get!

Life throws (sometimes hurtles, sometimes aggressively catapults) experiences our way in hopes that we will grow from them. But at the first sign of discomfort, we often wriggle out of the lessons’ hold, squirm out of the teacher’s reach, and head to safer ground.

Phew! We made it. “Think again!” life chuckles as she gently taps on another domino nearby–watching with upturned lips as the chaos gracefully makes it way into our unknowing lives.

And there it is again–cloaked in different colors and shapes, but the underlying lesson is the same. And it will come and find its way into your life no matter how many times you escape its terrifying grasp. That is, and this part I hope is true, that is unless you give in, let those arms pull you in to the dark depths of the unknown, learn that damn lesson, make it your bitch (so to speak), and become the master. Once you have mastered the lesson, it will no longer be hungry for you. It will no longer seek you out.

And then… as life goes on… the lessons will continue. New lessons will keep rolling in, all brilliantly disguised that you may forget they are simply lessons, and you will just see them as the brightly colored masks they put on. They may appear to you wearing the tearful mask of a tragedy or the grief-stricken mask of an epic heartbreak. They may turn up one day as a loss of a job, and the next day a gut-wrenchingly difficult decision.

I believe the key is to first recognize it is only a mask, and second, to look inward and decide for yourself what priceless and life-altering positive lessons we can learn from them. The tragedy slips away to reveal inner-strength. The heartbreak flutters lightly on leaving the wing-prints of maturity and self-love. The decision that kept you up at night pushes you to take command, be purposeful with your life, and choose a direction.

Take off the masks that greet you. Don’t run in fear. Smile and embrace them as moments given to you to help push you up, reach greater heights with even greater perspectives, and become more powerful and whole versions of yourself.

When life gives you lemons–thank life for her sweet gift. Even when it stings and even when it burns, do everything you can to get every life-altering drop out of them. Each drop will stimulate you and inspire you to evolve. So if you truly squeeze every lemon’s lesson out, you will never have to look back on an experience with sorrow or anger. You will be able to look back, smile, and say, “I am so grateful this happened. Look what it taught me. Look who I have become.”

Wow! I am so impressed with my little baby! Clearly she got the writing gene from her mom!

So here are my questions to you…

  • What lessons have you learned recently? What lessons are you in the middle of learning right now?
  • What lessons have you shied away from that keep rearing their same heads cloaked as different experiences but truly they are the same?
  • What will you embrace this year to make it your best year ever?

Know that we are always here to help. If you want the rest of 2017 to be as good as it can get, please contact us for a free consultation. You will be amazed at how we can help you make SWEET LEMONADE with more ease, less stings, and fewer burns!

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