Subluxation Dive Deep


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Aloha Gang - Dr. Russ Rosen here.

Let's get this out of the way right now: subluxation is NOT a bone out of place.

You may have heard that "subluxation is global, not local" - but what does that mean?

Seriously! What DOES that mean?

On the same note, what is an adjustment? It is NOT cracking someone's neck or back.

Dr. Angie Meyer and I ask these simple questions when we start coaching doctors:

1. What is a subluxation and why does it occur?

2. How do you measure subluxation?

3. What is an adjustment?

4. How do you know if the adjustment worked or not?

5. Is it even important that we really understand what it is?

We'll answer question #5 right now: AB-SO-LUTELY IT IS.

100% of dentists can give you a pretty good definition of a cavity.

They can help you (their patient) understand what it is. 

They can measure it and they can show you that it is there. 

They can show that they fixed the cavity and they know if the fix worked.


So we really do think it is critical that we as doctors really understand:

•what a subluxation is

•how we measure subluxation

•what an adjustment is

•how we know if the adjustment worked or not

The challenge is the subluxation is not a thing like a cavity. It is something quite different. 

We think of this like the

Achilles Heel of Chiropractic.

Dr. Russ Rosen is ready to break it down in this special dive deep training.

We have produced a digital audio file of Dr. Russ Rosen doing one of his famous "Dive Deep" sessions on this   very  important subject.  This type of material is typically reserved for his personal coaching clients, but we're opening up the doors to those who want to get a better idea of how we think about chiropractic and - more importantly - how that thought process impacts YOUR patients.

The "Jaw Dropping" Guarantee

We are 100% convinced that this dive deep session is going to completely change the way that you think about, talk about, and work with the subject of subluxations.

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