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"Optimal Health" Business Success Made Simple With a Revolutionary Online Program

We help you understand how to communicate with patients differently so they "get" what you do and WANT what you offer WITHOUT sleazy sales tricks, scare tactics, or frustrating methods that just don't work.

Then, we show you how to align your entire practice around this methodology and THRIVE.

When your patients don't really hear you, nothing else falls into place for your practice.

As an established health practitioner with a track record of great success, I have developed an all-inclusive, seamless transformation engine that will rapidly and dramatically transform the way you communicate with your PATIENTS, your STAFF, and your COMMUNITY. From the very beginning, you will have access to everything you need to make certain that people "get" what you do (and WANT what you offer!). Stop looking for optimal health business tips and lock in to a proven system with tremendous results!

If your average patient doesn’t stick around for at LEAST 60 visits (PVA or retention) and you’re not getting TONS of internal referrals without asking, then they don’t get it and you’re never going to find the success you really want in practice.

If your patients are leaving because they feel better or because they don’t, they don’t get it, either!

There’s a better way.

Our Comprehensive Practice Mastery Program Covers EVERY Point of Interaction and Engagement to Ensure Reliable Change in Your Practice, Your Team, and Your Community.

You Gain INSTANT Access to Everything Seen Here:

Kickoff Coaching Session

This is nearly the first thing you'll do with me. Instead of hiding behind the scenes and only communicating through email and recordings, I'm going to SHOW you how this program is going to work for you. You'll complete one key module to jump start this program and then schedule a personal coaching session with me. We'll review your plans, talk about the program, and discuss your questions and specific needs. You'll leave this call with a plan and a trajectory for hitting your goals and growing beyond what you thought was possible. Learn from the master from the very beginning!

Headspace & Personal Growth

The stark reality is this: we're not all ready for success in our own heads. Until you're confident in your role and relationship with patients, you're going to struggle in virtually all aspects of this profession. I've developed specific exercises and resources dedicated to helping you adopt a new perspective and prepare yourself for the growth that this program brings.

When YOU are ready, you will find success.

Operating System & Dream Team

Your time is one of the most precious resources you have available. I see SO MANY doctors struggle because their daily processes aren't effective. I also see a ton of doctors spend more time managing their people than seeing patients. My bulletproof operating system makes it easy to run the business without it running you. I'll show you how to build a Dream Team that grows the practice FOR YOU.

Communications Mastery

This a brand new system of thinking, communicating, and using Socratic questions to help your patients to understand optimal health care like never before. I'll walk you through the ENTIRE new patient process from first meeting to committing to your personal care plans. Say good-bye to disinterested looks and "going home to think about it" and start seeing loyal new patients stay, pay, and refer - for a LIFETIME!

New Patients

This is not a promise for "piles of patients" for your practice.

Most of the time, those marketing offers that show you the future through their one or two step process just doesn't live up to expectations. Instead, I'm going to show you how to build a perpetual  marketing calendar and fill it with the kinds of campaigns and events that your patients will respond to and be interested in. Move away from throwing money out the window and move towards having a clear, direct approach to discovering, uncovering, and earning new patients and their referrals. Workshops, flyers, handouts, cards, and more are ready-to-customize and ready-to-print so that it's a snap!

Flow & Handling Growth

You may not be thinking about this right now, but the reality is this: when you start gaining momentum, a single hiccup can throw you off course and ruin everything. Learning how to identify the right times to grow, how to grow during those times, and who you need to help you grow are incredibly crucial aspects of a thriving practice. Together, we will look at your practice and identify the areas that are most likely to be impacted by growth. We'll build a plan for hiring more staff and even bringing on an associate doctor to help you manage the patient load and continue growing. Momentum is key and we'll master it together!

So here’s the total value of everything you’re gonna get when you sign up for the Optimal Health Practice System:

  • Headspace and Personal Growth ($997)

  • Operating System and Dream Team ($1,497)

  • Communications Mastery ($3,697)

  • New Patient Marketing ($3,397)

  • Clearing Roadblocks and Handling Growth ($697)

The total value of everything here is $10,285.

We've included the following:

  • Instant Online Access: The moment you join, you'll have unbridled access to all of the content, resources, and videos so that you can operate at YOUR pace!

  • Ready-to-Use Printable Materials: Skip the costs of a graphic artist and use the materials we provide in YOUR office. Print them out and put them to work the same day!

  • Exercises for You AND Your Team: This is a group effort so we have included materials that your staff can work through as you transform your practice.

  • Private Peer-to-Peer Facebook Community: Once you join, we will bring you into our private community where we talk about real issues, real situations, and real successes in the practices of our members. You'll find lots of great value here and meet others who are trying to achieve goals similar to your own.

  • Live Half Hour to Power Calls & Recordings: When we all get on the phone together, we do AMAZING things! Our monthly calls are energizing opportunities to ask questions, look for peer support, and continue to excel. Oh, we don't trash these, either - they're ALL in the archive (with descriptions) and ready for you to download and listen in, no matter when you join!

Dr. Pat Gentempo, DC

Co-Founder, CLA

When it comes to communicating in an Optimal Health and Wellness model, Russ Rosen possesses spectacular battle-tested skills and strategies.


I Received CLA's

Lifetime Achievement

Award for the strategies


It Reflects My Career's Work and

Has Changed Lives Across the Globe.

I Am SO Proud to Share It With You.

You can totally do this (yes I mean you!). This is likely
the most comprehensive and step-by-step program
for transforming a practice around the idea of
optimal health.
If you have the passion, I have the path!

...But Don't Just Take OUR Word For It. Hear From Docs Who Have LIVED the Transformation to an Optimal Health Practice!

Dr. Ellie Rolnick

"[With] the 'patient scare' model of Chiropractic, I was a master at signing patients up for long periods of care so their spines wouldn’t degenerate any further...that fear, in the long run, is not a healthy motivating factor. I’m now learning to inspire my patients to have long-term care because of the health and wellness benefits that it offers them."

Matt Deegan, DC
Michelle Neilson, DC

Dr. Andre Camelli


Our PVA for collections has doubled and all of our patients are on the same fee schedule. The time we were spending on new patient exams, reports, and re-exams has literally cut in half due to the streamlined communication skills we have attained."

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We've Created a Completely Self-Paced Practice Mastery Program  With the Knowledge, Tools, and Resources Needed to Effectively and Rapidly MASTER Your Communication as an Optimal Health Expert.

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