Chiropractor Coach Reviews

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Industry leader, Dr. Pat Gentempo, shares one of many practitioner coach reviews of Dr. Russ Rosen:

“When it comes to communicating in an Optimal Health and Wellness model, Russ Rosen possesses spectacular battle-tested skills and strategies.”

"I have worked with many coaches in the chiropractic profession and I can say with complete certainty that Russ Rosen is one of the best that our profession has to offer. He takes his time and reiterates the moving pieces that it takes to get you to accomplish your goals. He makes each one of his clients feel like they are something special because, in reality, we all are. His gift is the ability to highlight our specialness with every conversation he brings to the table for his clients. I am so grateful for everything I have learned from this amazing teacher and I look forward to many years of continued education with Dr. Rosen."

Dr. Jodi Dinnerman,  Founder and Creator of all things  SEWP School

Dr. Chris Kent from CLA had this to share about  coaching   from Dr. Rosen:

“Russ Rosen’s vision of coaching is a breath of fresh air in a world where “one size fits all” approaches are common. His focus is on the individual, developing effective strategies to turn your goals into reality. Russ offers “real world” methods that empower patients, rather than relying on fear and scare tactics. If you are seeking a coach, he deserves your careful consideration.”

Dr. Tedd Koren of Koren Wellness shares this feedback on Dr. Rosen's practitioner business coaching


“I know doctors who can’t adjust but are good businessmen and are making a lot of money. I know doctors who are gifted healers but don’t know how to run an office or talk to patients and are in financial distress.

Being a good businessman (woman) is more than knowing for example, how to advertise. Being good at business may include how you dress, how your office looks, your furniture, carpets and decor. It includes office forms and how you manage your time and things you may say (and things you should never say). It includes your attitude, your identity, your goals – not just what you say but how you say it.

We need to have balance – being a great healer and being a successful business-person. Russ Rosen understands this need for balance in our profession. Both Russ and I are committed to healing and committed to solid, ethical business practices. Both are needed if you are to be successful as a healthcare provider.

Russ Rosen and Angie Meyer share that vision at the Optimal Health Chiropractic System. They are two people I’d tell any chiropractors who want real success to work with. I feel comfortable and confident with them – and that’s not an endorsement I give easily.”

“Regardless of the sport or discipline, high performing individuals have coaches. Instead of going “wide” Dr. Rosen goes “deep.” Instead of superimposing his values, he unlocks yours. By purposefully limiting his client list, he offers high levels of personal attention, intimacy, and accountability that create a “safe place” to face the issues blocking practice growth. There is no shame in asking for help. Decide! Claim your power by acting boldly and decisively.”

“Russ Rosen is one of those guys who has been successful at everything he has ever done, because he 1) cares deeply about others and 2) he is excellent at what he does. Powerful combination. But better yet he is infectious – everyone coming away from him is infused with energy, integrity and empowerment. He has that elusive trait of “character”, which engenders charisma. I would entrust my most beloved family member to him as a person or coach. He takes pride in what he does and he helps DCs in more ways than they might expect – he gets all who come in contact with him to discover their personal truth. And that truth is more powerful than anything you can buy anywhere. Trust Russ, he will ‘get you there’. He is already on your team, you only need to take the action step.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Russ for over 10 years since I had the opportunity to spend time with him ‘at the mountaintop.’ One of my greatest challenges has been watching the contradictions of the chiropractic profession. We say one thing when we’re in our professional gatherings and go back to practice to do something different and justify it. Russ and Angie have become experts at teaching chiropractors how to make the moral and practical, profitable. Learn from their experience, follow their guidance and watch your practice and life transform. Most importantly, watch your impact in your community soar.”

Drs. Theresa & Stuart Warner of Kids' Day America have this to say when asked about Chiropractor coach reviews and Dr. Russ Rosen:

“Dr. Rosen possesses an incredible ability to identify any hindrance to your success and provide a clear approach for immediate solutions. We have seen him speak in front of crowds to great applause and have talked to clients that have been coached to new levels of prosperity. You’re in great hands with Dr. Rosen.”

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with many of Dr. Rosen’s clients and I have found that the level of success and certainty that he helps his clients achieve is extraordinary. He is a hands on mentor and advisor that is able to bring the best out of each and everyone of his coaching members and it shows in their mastery of building and maintaining high volume, ethical and congruent practices. I believe that Dr. Russ has learned to bring the best out of the individual and help them develop the vision, mission and purpose that it takes to serve at the highest level and I would recommend his program to anyone looking for ultra success in practice and balance in their personal life.”

“Rather than employing the cookie-cutter approach of most chiropractic consultants, Dr. Rosen’s coaching embraces the uniqueness of each doctor and his or her goals. Dr. Rosen genuinely cares about each doctor’s definition of success, and utilizes proven principles to help them attain it. His integrity-based approach is a perfect fit for anyone who has felt uncomfortable with efforts to arm-twist, manipulate or use scare tactics on patients.”

“Part of our mission at the Foundation is to generate positive press for the chiropractic profession and increase public awareness to the many benefits associated with chiropractic care. [The Optimal Health Chiropractic System] can help you grow your practice in a true wellness model which totally supports our highest vision of chiropractic care. This is one of our chiropractor coach reviews that we proudly share.”

“Dr Russ Rosen is at the cutting edge of chiropractic development. Having heard Dr Rosen speak in New York, I knew I had to meet the man. I was so impressed with his congruence we asked him to speak at our annual Lyceum convention. If you are looking to get more out of life and Chiropractic, Dr Rosen will help you on this path.”

“Dr. Russ is one of those unique coaches that comes along once or twice in the lifetime of your practice. Doctor Rosen has the amazing ability to help you deliver the message of WELLNESS to create a paradigm shift in your pain oriented practice members, along with much more. I highly recommend a consultation with him to experience for your self one of our most powerful Coaches/mentors in the profession today!”

“Of the 100s of doctors using my website,, Dr. Rosen’s coaching clients are among some of my favorite clients. They just get chiropractic! They all speak so highly of Dr. Rosen’s ability to help them see the big picture of how chiropractic and wellness are synonymous. Dr. Rosen shares my vision – helping doctors succeed in a wellness-based model of chiropractic. If you are considering hiring a coach who is on-purpose, you definitely want to talk to Dr. Rosen.”

“I work with many of Dr. Rosen’s clients and have been very impressed at how well his clients and their staff have excelled in my program. He has definitely helped them create clear, concise plans for achieving their goals and they are focused on getting results.”

“Upon developing Quantum Integration, a subluxation based technique that enhances the neuro-adaptative strategies of the nerve system; I struggled to find a coaching service that was congruent with the lifestyle based care we delivered. We have doubled our collections and tripled our efficiency, thanks to Dr. Rosen and his masterful communication skills we are having more fun and serving more people than ever before.”

“Simple yet sensational, Dr Russ Rosen’s vision for a model of chiropractic that embraces the health, wellness and lifestyle of the individual is exciting. I have been a great advocate of his work and vision since the very first time I heard him talk about his model of patient care vs. patient scare. At Chirosource we have a vision to help bring chiropractors to the forefront of the health and wellness industry through positive and contemporary patient education, Dr Rosen’s message is congruent with ours. Thank you Dr Rosen for the gifts you bring to our profession.”

“The dynamics of today’s practice are continually changing. Dr. Rosen has the ability to dig to the root cause of capacity blocks and, at the same time, understated how these capacity blocks uniquely impede your personal and practice growth. Whether it is patient education, philosophy, or the ever-changing insurance billing and compliance landscape, Dr. Rosen is amazing!”

Dr. Rod Justice shares one of his chiropractor coach reviews by sharing the difference in Dr. Rosen's perspective:

“Many coaches simply concentrate on teaching office procedures that will make your practice perform better. But, by teaching doctors the skills necessary to reach their potential as human beings along with the correct office procedures, Dr. Rosen teaches the complete package that leads to success in chiropractic, success in business and success in LIFE.”