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Aloha I am Dr. Russ Rosen and I help Natural Health Care Providers Thrive in a Care vs. Scare, True Optimal Health Model and Create the Practice and Life of Your Dreams

Let me break that down:

“Care” means we empower to make reasonable and logical choices.

“Scare” means we are not going to use fear, scare tactics and manipulation to do what is “in their best interests”.

“True Optimal Health model” means we are going to find out what they want, in relationship to what we can truly do for them and then simply show them how to have it.

  • Do you just want to help them feel better?

  • Do you want to help them function better?

  • Do you want to help them get healthy and stay healthy for a lifetime?

  • We are going to find out what they want and simply show them how to have it

A True Optimal Health Successful model means to me that you:

  • 100% capacity with your ideal patients

  • Fully waitlisted (more demand than supply)

  • > 80% sign-up rate for your recommended care plans

  • > 80% of your patients stay for the entire program and continue care

  • You work 24 hours per week or less (if you choose)

  • Very low stress. You have all of the Systems in place, and you have built and Dream Team (if you want staff)

  • All without sleazy sales tactics, tons of marketing, or high-pressure gimmicks

And lastly, we create the practice and life of your dreams. If all I did was help you grow your practice, I would have failed you!

There are several ways we can work together:

The Free OHC Community

Join our Free Facebook Community where we do weekly REVIEWS of essential practice growth topics to help you thrive in a care-centric, rather than fear-based, approach to optimal health. 

Topics include: 

•Cultivating mindset and confidence

•Effective business management and team building

•Neuroscience of patient communication

•Health and wellness marketing

•Sustainable practice growth.

Engage with a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to optimizing healthcare practices, where mutual learning and growth are fostered under the guidance and empowerment of Dr. Russ Rosen.

Regular Engagements: We meet three weeks every month, ensuring you receive consistent, bite sized insights that are easy to understand and integrate into your daily operations.

JOIN US TO ENSURE your patients understand, value, and commit to their health journey with you. 

The OHC Club

Key Features:

Focused Deep Dives: Each session zooms in on specific "HOW-to" aspects of practice optimization. Dive deep into mindset, communication, marketing, and practice growth.

Practical Implementation Strategies: Get actionable techniques for immediate implementation in your practice. Tailored guidance for mindset, refining patient communication, marketing, and team building.

Interactive Learning Experience: Engage in Q&A sessions and collaborate with Dr. Russ.

Regular Engagements: We convene three weeks per month, offering bite-sized easily digestible insights ready for immediate integration.

Click here to join the club

Group Immersion

Are you ready to transform your practice and life? Our OHC Full Immersion Program is a 6-month journey designed to elevate your skills and potential. This intensive intimate small group experience offers personalized attention and practice elevation.

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1-on-1 Mentorship

Coaching for Natural Health Practitioners Who Want to Help People Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

Experience the transformative power of 1-on-1 mentorship with Dr. Rosen. Elevate your practice and help patients achieve lifelong wellness. Become a true Master!

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"Can you really trust me?"

"Can I afford this?"

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