Quick Fixes

Our “Quick Fix” shop came from the fact that so many doctors come to us needing help, but not everyone is ready for the blueprint and implementation process of our Optimal Health Coaching System. Sometimes, you’re stuck with a nagging issue that has to get out of your way before you can do anything else. 

We conducted a special event in the summer of 2018 that turned heads across the industry. Dr. Russ Rosen sat down with the “Who’s Who” of operating in a True Optimal Health Model to get to the root of what the most successful Optimal Health practices look like in today’s world. You’ll hear from the best of the best as they get into the details of exactly what is working and how to bring those changes into YOUR practice.

Our Communications Mastery program is the true heart of the Optimal Health Coaching System. When you learn how to effectively communicate with your patients from the very first interaction, your entire experience shifts to a scenario where people truly get what you do... AND want what you offer. This is a MUST experience program!

If you struggle to find good workshop content or just don’t feel like you’ve found your groove, then you’re in luck. My Fast Track to Health Workshop package has everything you need to get laser focused and convert patients at a very high rate!

If you're tired of blank stares, bored looks, and hearing that they "need to go home and think about it", then you're in the right place. As the founder and leader of the "patient CARE, not patient SCARE" movement, I have developed a set of powerful tools that make it SO MUCH EASIER to tell the story, share your passion, and have your patients FINALLY "get" what you do.


I call this a Hall of Fame product because it is one of the most desired and most commented upon programs that we offer. When your own head isn’t where it needs to be, nothing else will work out the way you want it to. Discover the importance of certainty and prepare for success!

This is an intense and incredibly rewarding experience! If you struggle to truly define subluxation, then you’re going to want to plug in, grab a notepad, and challenge your own belief structure in this mind-blowing session. This will have you feeling more confident and more in control when it comes to working with new patients, explaining subluxation and understanding why what you do works as well as it does… or not!

Our dynamite outcome assessment questionnaires allow you to monitor where your patients were, where they are and where they want to get to over time. These are a critical piece of re reports and if you want a PVA or retention over 60, you need these.

Grab these tools for a dynamic visit 1 and 2 experience with literally everything you need to give this experience to your very next patient. From slides to posters and all of the instruction you need, this kit will equip you with the tools for dramatically improving your first experiences with new patients.

You may have little trouble getting patients in the door, but struggle with getting them to speak up and speak out about your care. When you stay the best kept secret in your area, it gets more expensive to grow your practice. We’ve developed sure-fire, ready-to-go techniques for harnessing testimonials from your patients at the right time in their care cycle. We’ve also shared some great ways to grow through referrals (one of the lowest cost ways to expand!)

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