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An Interview With Dr. Phil Ricchiazzi

By Dr. Russ Rosen | Chiropractic Strategies

Oct 25

One of my strong suits as a chiropractor and coach is the ability to connect my linear left brain with my intuition or right brain and have miracles. Whether it is what I adjust, when I adjust, what not to adjust, what to say, or what not to say, I’ve been gifted with the ability to just “know” when it’s right.

Since 2000, I have helped many doctors strengthen their intuition and integrate both right and left brains so they move from “just a regular chiropractor” to “Kahuna status.”

I recently interviewed Chiropractor Dr. Phil Ricchiazzi – a coaching client of mine – who is definitely in the Kahuna status.

We discussed the exact steps he went through to get to the point where he can lay his hand on a patients spine and get “guided” by innate wisdom as to what to do and what to say.

His stories (and I know they are true) will astound you. You can do this too!

About the Author

A dynamic and passionate chiropractor, author, international coach, educator and speaker, Russ ran one of the most successful wellness practices in Maui Hawaii for 14 years. Dr. Rosen is best known for his “Patient Care” vs. “Patient Scare” Wellness Communication systems. He served as Lead Author and Director of Dr. Patrick Gentempo’s Creating Wellness Management System. Dr. Rosen is the proud recipient of CLA/CWA’s 2007 “Lifetime Achievement” award. Since 2001 Russ has helped hundreds of doctors thrive in a True Optimal Health model and is CEO of The Optimal Health Chiropractic System.