An Interview With Dr. Phil Ricchiazzi

By Dr. Russ Rosen | Communications

One of my strong suits as a chiropractor and coach is the ability to connect my linear left brain with my intuition or right brain and have miracles. Whether it is what I adjust, when I adjust, what not to adjust, what to say, or what not to say, I’ve been gifted with the ability to just “know” when it’s right.

Since 2000, I have helped many doctors strengthen their intuition and integrate both right and left brains so they move from “just a regular chiropractor” to “Kahuna status.”

I recently interviewed Chiropractor Dr. Phil Ricchiazzi – a coaching client of mine – who is definitely in the Kahuna status.

We discussed the exact steps he went through to get to the point where he can lay his hand on a patients spine and get “guided” by innate wisdom as to what to do and what to say.

His stories (and I know they are true) will astound you. You can do this too!

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