Chiropractic Practice Building (good chat)

By Dr. Russ Rosen | Patient Care

One of my all time heroes, amazing communicators and Legends in our industry, Bill Esteb, and I had a very fun and interesting conversation that ended up being a really great blog. Do you ever have a really good chat with someone and think afterwards “Boy, I wish I had written that down!”? Well, I had that thought, but was fortunate that we DID write it all down!

We talked a lot about communication and just how important it really is in all aspects of practice building. In fact, it’s probably one of the most misunderstood and overlooked parts of a successful practice that few figure out on their own. I built The Optimal Health Chiropractic System with it as the “hub” of success, so that I could help docs nail their communication and grow their practices quickly and effectively.

Without further ado, I present my conversation with Bill Esteb as part of his “Chiropractic Practice Building” series. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Chiropractic Practice Building with Dr. Russ Rosen

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