Chiropractor Business Coaching – What Good Does It Bring?

By Dr. Russ Rosen | Communications

One of the things that I really enjoy about our profession is the reality that there are so many interesting and innovative ways to help our communities.

There is no “right way” to adjust someone.

There is no “right way” to run a practice.

There is no “right way” to change the lives of our patients.

Instead, we have amassed this community of passionate professionals who do whatever it takes to become the change that their neighbors need.

There is, however, one thing in common that virtually ALL highly successful doctors use in their toolbox: a personal coach.

Hear me out on this.

While our industry is very well established, there are constant innovations in technique, tools, and products that result in a wide variety of options for how and why to operate a chiropractic practice. When you try to go at it alone, you run into all kinds of issues with these choices. As an “army of one”, you are left to your own devices to evaluate, understand, select, and implement the tools and techniques that will help you grow your practice. This can be excruciatingly challenging when you operate in a silo.

Modern chiropractors benefit significantly from having personal coaches. Instead of making a compelling, sales-y argument for why you should hire a personal coach, I want to share the stories of some of my coaching clients.

Dr. Jake Smith talks about building his own practice. He’ wasn’t new to the business, though, and had this to share:

“I worked as an associate chiropractor for many years before I opened my own practice.

To me, the best part about coaching is that I have been able to find and create my own chiropractic Identity. I feel more genuine when I interact with my patients.  This was TOTALLY unexpected; my main goal was only to grow my bottom line.”

I love hearing stories like this one from Dr. Smith because it conveys something that I wouldn’t think to share. Coaching isn’t simply about telling you what to do, when to do it, or how to do it. Dr. Smith found his chiropractic identity in our work together and that has made him more successful as a result.

Wherever you are in your career, you can benefit immensely from the right kind of coaching. Dr. Thomas Williams has hired other coaches in the past, and was initially hesitant to get started with me. After a short while, he shared the following:

“Hiring Dr. Rosen has been one of the best decisions I have made.  My practice has grown, but the biggest growth has occurred in me personally. My certainty has never been greater. Dr. Rosen is a master communicator who has taught me how to effectively communicate with patients and have them understand what I do and want what I have to offer. “

I place a TREMENDOUS importance on certainty and I know that this comes through with my coaching clients. Dr. Michelle Ten-Klooster said:

“I think the most helpful take-away so far for me has been the change and work that I have done on my mindset and the realization that nothing can or will ever change until I change my thought patterns and look at where they are actually coming from.”

Dr. Brandon Hill, another coaching client of mine, shares his thoughts on where we place our emphasis during our time together:

“When you are scheduled with Russ, it is 100% of the time focused on YOUR goal.  He focuses on teaching you ways to really understand the patient and to figure out what they want. Other coaches I have been with focus on the general script, where the script is the main focus while the patient is secondary. Russ, gives you a guide on how to ask the right questions and to have the person understand what chiropractic isRetaining the people in the office has been much easier learning from Russ. I have a better understanding of chiropractic and I have improved dramatically on communicating that to the patients.”

When you really “get” what it is that you should do to help your patients, you’ll find new energy to pursue it. This is another incredibly important point that many doctors miss when they think about coaching. This isn’t about memorizing scripts at all; this is about changing the way you look at the concept of chiropractic and ensuring that your patients see it the new way as well. I hear a lot of scary stories about bad experiences with other coaches.

Another doctor shared that one of her colleagues just fired their coach out of frustration. She described the situation:

“So here’s why my friend is not going back to his coach: he’s tired of feeling beat up. When we are in a learning phase we need a learning environment. One doesn’t learn well under stress. “

She goes on to talk about the difference between what we have done together and what her colleague has experienced.

“With you, I find out where I’m at and have an uncanny sense about what I need to hear that will propel me forward. 

For instance, I wasn’t ready to do the TTAT even though I’ve been organically incorporating it more and more. So you shifted our time to where my energy lit up, in giving me more testing that i can do, which is fuel for MY power right now. 

Here I was thinking I needed to take a month off because I’m implementing this new software… but BOOM!!! You come in with the perfect value for me at this time!! 

As I go through where I am drawn to study, for my growth, I am able to send you emails and you help me on the spot!! I get my questions answered and I keep moving forward. You’re like the Chiropractor I wish I had… someone who sees in me what I need and addresses that. You’ve seen the big picture… I haven’t.

How to Find a Chiropractic Business Coach

If you don’t have a chiropractic coach guiding and directing you to prosperity, I want to invite you to reach out and chat with me one-to-one as soon as possible. If your chiropractic coach sounds NOTHING like what these other doctors have experienced and you realize that you want something different, then this is the right time to reach out. Together, we can get you, your practice, and your vision aligned and moving forward. There is no better way to ensure success this year than with the RIGHT chiropractic business coach in your corner.

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