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Thrive in a Care vs. Scare True Optimal Health Model

The Optimal Health Chiropractic System™ is a movement that recognizes the paradigm shift in personal care that will have chiropractors as the recognized leaders of the true optimal health care system worldwide, enabling every person they encounter to witness the power of optimal health chiropractic in their lives.

We would like to invite you to experience it for yourself by visiting each level and finding the best program for you.

There are three levels of engagement for you to work with us.
Read through them to decide which is right for you.

Self Paced Optimal Health Chiropractic Training
Group Optimal Health Chiropractic Coaching
Chiropractor Coaching

“I was “raised” in the “patient scare” model of Chiropractic. I was a master at signing patients up for long periods of care so their spines wouldn’t degenerate any further. What I missed is that subluxation degeneration is such a small piece of the puzzle and that fear, in the long run, is not a healthy motivating factor. Now, I’m learning to inspire my patients to have long-term care because of the health and wellness benefits that it offers them.”

Dr. Ellie Rotnick

Optimal Health Chiropractic

This program contains the core concepts and practices that The Optimal Health Chiropractic System™ is based upon.

You will be able to work through our revolutionary program at your own pace from the comfort of your own home or any other place you desire. We cover the pivotal Three Pillars and Five Systems of an Optimal Health Chiropractic practice. Oh, and by the way, you get EVERYTHING on Day One! We don’t just drip the information to you month after month and keep you paying year after year to get all of the information.

There is frankly nothing else like it out there. There is plenty of patient scare and plenty of hype. But if you want your patients to “Get it” if you want to help your patients get healthy and stay healthy for a lifetime then this is the program for you.

We also go WAY beyond the conceptual phase with our program. We include templates, workbooks, and other vital business resources that you can quickly personalize and use in your practice right away! This is much more than an academic experience – it has the tools you need to get the job done the right way!

Once joining our community you will have direct and complete access to EVERYTHING you need to thrive in a True Optimal Health Chiropractic model. And you will be a part of a movement for chiropractors to be the recognized leaders of a True Optimal-Health System World Wide!

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Our Group Coaching Program

You receive everything from the above Self-Paced program.

We will also PERSONALLY hold you by the hand and walk you through a 24 week, intensive program. You will be in a very small group of committed doctors (i.e. 8 or less) working together to master and fully implement this entire program. We will address every module, role play, answer questions, create very realistic scenarios, hold you accountable, and literally walk you through the process of experiencing transformational business and personal results.

You will have an opportunity to form accountability groups with other DCs from across the globe (we’ll facilitate this to make it easy), choose a roleplay partner in your group coaching class, and practice AT LEAST once a week.

There’s something extraordinary about getting a passionate group of professionals together with similar goals and direction. You’re going to not only benefit from your coach’s part of the experience, but also by hearing similar issues, discovering fantastic solutions, and getting the ability to test different ideas amongst your group, find what works, and bring that back to everyone’s benefit.

This program is NOT for the faint of heart and if you are serious about practice growth then we encourage you to get involved.

24 Week Coaching Program includes :

  • 12 One Hour Group Coaching Calls (8 doctors or less)
  • Weekly Accountability/Role Playing Calls with Your Accountability Group
  • The format is Group Call, Week off to study and master, Group Call, Week off to study and master etc.
  • Everything in our Self-Paced Program
  • This is a VERY intensive program that will catapult your learning and results!

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Our One-of-a-Kind, 1-on-1, Personal Coaching Program

This is the IDEAL engagement for you, as it includes our entire Self-Paced Program and incredibly detailed, individual attention to help you MASTER your practice!

You will work with Dr. Russ Rosen or Dr. Angie Meyer and we will personally hold your hand (and sometimes kick you in the butt) as we work through this incredible journey. Together, we will take the best of what you are already doing and combine it with the best of our systems in order to customize YOUR system that will work best for you so you can create the life and practice of your dreams.

We get on the phone three times each month, and each of those calls has real purpose, real direction, and real work to complete afterward. On the next call, we review the work, review things like your recorded live interactions (which you’ll worry about for three minutes and then love them forever after), and ensure that the plan is working.

Here’s a snapshot of how it works:

  • During these calls, we do not “teach” you but we “Coach” you! Nearly everything you need to “learn” is in the Self-Paced Program’s online university format.
  • During our Coaching calls, we help you customize, own, and implement these materials.
  • The work and the time are 100% focused on YOU and YOUR practice. We bring our years of expertise and success with hundreds of other practices and mold the concepts to fit your specific situation.
  • We’ll laugh together, we’ll cry together, and we’ll grow together. You’ll have a PARTNER!
  • We don’t run a coaching mill, and we are waitlisted quite often, but the quicker you tell us of your interest, the quicker you’re able to get a start date.
  • The entire Self-Paced Program is available to you right away (you save 60% on it, too!) so that you can start learning even before our first session together.

Dr. Angus Pyke, DC

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