Do you Struggle getting patients to your WORKSHOPS?

By Dr. Russ Rosen | Communications

Has this ever happened to you?

At the start of the day, you have 10 people scheduled into your workshop. You’re pumped about the opportunity to share the chiropractic message and are looking forward to providing boat loads of value. But…as the day goes on you can hear your CA on the phone taking call after call as your patients continue to come up with excuses about why they can’t make it to your workshop tonight. By the time the workshop comes around your delivering your talk to 2 people….arghhhh!

If this sounds familiar then know that you’re not alone. This scenario plays out in this form or very similar ones in chiropractic offices around the globe!

So how do we get patients to our talks?

I have doctors and their entire teams tell me all the time that people just won’t come to talks in their area. And my response to them is this… nonsense! The truth is they just don’t know how to get people to their talks.

If this has happened to you enough then you’ve probably starting telling yourself that running workshops aren’t a good use of your time and you’re better off leaving the office early and spending some time with your family.

Well…the good news is, there is another way.

Don’t kid yourself though, if you really want your patients to GET IT…
• If you want them to see the value of a healthy functioning nervous system and reasonable lifestyle…
• If you want to be able to see a reasonable volume of patients and not have to spend tons of time with each patient every visit “educating” them…

Then you MUST do a killer series of talks!

If you want to get your patients to your talks you MUST have the right headspace as well as the right procedures to get them to your talks.

I’ve written an article that will show you EXACTLY how to get boat loads of your patients and their family and friends to your talks. (And if you have seen this article before I just added a new section of how to get your active patients to the talks, not just the new patients.)

Just click this link and it will take you right there. (Don’t worry, there’s no opt in and there isn’t even anything for sale, I just wanted to “hook” you up).

Love to hear your thoughts and comments.
Much love and aloha,

Russ and Angie

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