Short Videos: How to Stay In Front of Your Patients Right Now

By Dr. Russ Rosen | Communications

Regardless if you are going into your office right now or not, it is really important to have a plan in place to ensure that you can still be in front of your patients and even your entire community if the rules prevent you from seeing them in person.

I want to talk you through how to start doing short 1-5 minute health tip videos that people will actually want to watch, listen to, and follow along with.

In this video, I will share the 5 step structure to your videos that I would recommend. I also have some examples of other doctors’ videos for you to check out.

Here is a sample newsletter from Dr. Wesley Boyce. He talks patients through some immune strengthening concepts to help them until they can come back to his office.

Here are some sample videos from my coaching clients. If you have great tip videos that you are sharing, please send me a link to them! [email protected]

Here is a sample video from one of my coaching clients, Dr. Siow. Take a look and pay attention to how she addresses her audience!
Dr. Winters also shares a tip with his audience using short messages that focus on one idea or action.
Here’s another one from Dr. Winters.

Here is a full playlist from Dr. Winters that contains his pandemic video tips!

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