Let’s Go to CALJAM!

By Dr. Russ Rosen | Patient Strategies

Aloha Gang,

I just did a wild and wooly interview with Dr. Billy Demoss.

I have been going to chiropractic seminars for 33 years.

Last year, I went to Cal Jam.

It was by far the most fun and powerful EVENT I have been to!

Amazing speakers, in and outside of the profession.
It felt like a revival and was just so much fun.

I cannot recommend enough that you come AND that you bring your entire team.

They will have a paradigm shift!

Billy was kind enough to give our listeners 10% off DC tickets and Non-DC/CA tickets. Just go to https://www.californiajam.org/ and put in the code ROSEN20

Check out this interview, too. You can watch at this link.

Flip me an email and let me know you are coming so I can meet you there!

Much love and aloha,

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