“All of the greats have coaches”.

We know this to be true.

Without a doubt, if you can start with our 1-on-1, personal coaching, it is our strongest recommendation. But we know that it doesn't fit in everyone's budget (we'll address the budget part in a few moments), so we've developed a Self-Paced Program to help those who are looking for something else or just not interested in coaching at this time.

You're looking at this program for one of three reasons:

  1. You just don't think you can afford personal, 1-on-1 coaching
  2. You've been burned by other coaching programs where you've discovered that you're just client #117 and the coach's promises will never pan out
  3. You want something that you can go through and implement at your own pace, as you have time, with a completely flexible schedule

If #1 is in your head, then immediately scroll down to "We're going to buy you something" below.

If #2 is in your mind, I want you to hop down to "We're better than that."

If #3 is how you're thinking, then this should be PERFECT for you!

We're going to buy you something.

The doctors who need the most help are seldom the ones who can afford it. Do you ever feel that way? When your practice is suffering, your staff is turning over, and you feel like no one in your area wants anything to do with you, you tend to also have cash flow problems.

Look, we've been there. It sucks.

We get it, and we want to help you. We're going to buy you five coaching sessions when you commit to our self-paced training program.

These aren't prerecorded.

These aren't canned.

These are personal, 1-on-1 sessions.

We're going to do this because we KNOW that we can get you far enough along in the program to fix some of the big issues that are in your way.

When this happens, cash flow becomes less of a problem. You're able to get some new patients in, you're able to straighten out your operations issues, and you're able to take a breath. You're also able to afford our coaching program beyond the first five calls.

It's not an empty offer - it puts the onus on US to perform during these calls and help you unlock your true potential.

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We've structured these five calls to make a BIG difference for you. Here's how they work:

  1. Kick off Strategy session
    You will get an email with a link to fill out an extremely detailed questionnaire. We get on a call and we will clarify exactly where you are, where you want to get to, how you and your team are doing with the 3 pillars and 5 systems and together we will come up with a prioritized game plan. We also show you exactly where to find answers to all of your questions.
  2. Cut the Bad B.S.
    We're going to get extremely clear about who you are, what you do and what your faulty Belief Systems (B.S.) are. Until you're squared away with your B.S., none of the rest of what we do matters. You'll uncover some "A-Ha!" moments and those will end up being very important to how we proceed.
  3. Get the Team to Grow the Practice
    Before our call, there is a 2 hour module that you and your team will watch. Throughout the entire video, we ask you to pause the video and discuss with your team. We will:
    1. Help your team get the huge vision of chiropractic (you might be surprised)
    2. You cannot sustain growth if anyone on your team is in stress. If there is any stress at this time, or stress about getting to the next level, they will make sure that whatever you recommend will not work. We MUST get the team on board!
    3. Get them clear that if they do a better job and help you as a team serve more people and you bring in more money they can make more money. (You don’t have to give bonuses but it is highly recommended) and yes we only bonus if we make more money. If you brought in an extra $20k per month would you be okay bonusing $1000? I should hope so! We show you exactly how to set up a bonus program that is fair and balanced.
    4. You as a team come up with your “business frame” This is the operating system of your business. You cannot run a computer without an operating system and you cannot sustain growth and run a business without a business frame. This starts with the 10,000 foot view of what is our mission all the way down to what are our quarterly objectives, what will each person do this week to make those happen and we show you how to run effective staff meetings and do BRAG sessions. So everyone knows exactly what they accomplished this week and what they will accomplish next week so we hit our objectives.
    5. You then get on your next coaching call and we review the business frame, quarterly objectives and bonuses with you.
  4. 13 Month Marketing Calendar
    In our self-paced program, you'll develop a 13 month marketing calendar focused on clarifying your niche markets, your sticky messages, and ways to promote your message to your niche markets. 
    We then get on a call and help you customize your plan and show you exactly where to find what you need in the rest of the marketing modules.
  5. Doctor's Consultation
    We get on the phone and help you customize and master your Doctor's Consultation. This is where you will be blown away at the difference between what we do in our coaching sessions and what you have experienced in the past. We know that by now you will see the value of personal coaching and you will want to continue. And you will see how quickly you can get your patients to GET IT so they WANT IT and be happy to pay for them and their entire families for lifetime care.

Think about it. How many extra patient visits do you need to see to pay for our entire program with personal coaching? 4-5 extra patient visits per week? That is less than one per shift. Are you kidding? You do your part and we will do ours and in a very short time you will have the practice of your dreams. It really is that simple.

We're better than that.

That's a big, bold statement, and we absolutely stand by it. No question, no doubt, no issue.

We're better than the "dial a doc" coaching programs because we're unabashedly certain that our personal experiences in this profession will lead you to the success you need to discover for your own practice.

We're better than the big practice management camps because we don't believe that the same plan is right for everyone. We don't want you to change WHO you are to conform to what we offer.

We're also better than nothing. In fact, "nothing" is probably our biggest competitor. Many docs fool themselves into thinking that outside, environmental factors are the root causes for their problems, but that's never the case. If you continue doing the same thing but expect a different outcome, you'll fail. That's the definition of insanity, is it not?

We stand by our experience, our program, and our crowd of fanatical followers. We include a no-questions-asked, 30 day money back guarantee as further evidence of our unwavering belief in what we're doing. Give us a try - put your faith in what we've done for hundreds of others - and you'll never look back.

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