"I realize the IMMENSE value of what I do, but my patients see me as an expensive aspirin!"

We know what you're up against.

We normally sell these as some of our most requested modules and resources, but we really wanted to do something special for attendees of the Philosophy Summit.

As coaches we deal with two things: Headspace and Procedure. Pat has taken care of the headspace issues. Now all we have to do is come up with congruent procedures! Now that your head is in the right place, TAKE ACTION!

We've built our own practices from the ground up and have experienced all of the excitement, frustration, celebration, and concern that goes with it.

We're here to be with you as coaches, partners, and advocates for everything that you're working so hard to accomplish.

We wrote a training guide to talk about it.

...because we wanted to address the reality we face today.

It's EXHAUSTING when the majority of your practice relationships are little more than navigating your patients through crisis after crisis.

We know the feeling - that growing sense of unease because you feel stuck in an insurance model and it’s become painfully obvious that things are not getting easier, but you don’t know how to get your patients happily paying cash without resorting to those tacky, HIGH PRESSURE, sleazy sales pitches that you promised yourself you would never go near.

If your patients REALLY understood the value of what you did, I mean REALLY understood it do you think the odds are they might want it?

(And if they did want it would they be happy to pay for it?)

If you had patients who totally got what you did, want what you offer and were happy to pay for it, and you saw tons of people having a huge impact on their lives and as a side effect making a ton of money, would you be happier?

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