Should I be seeing patients at this time? What if they are sick?

By Dr. Russ Rosen | Communications

Should we adjust and see patients during this time if they are sick, or if your area goes on shut down? Let’s talk about it.

I get both sides’ perspectives.

“No, I’m closing up”

I want to help flatten this curve and not contribute to unintentional community spread. I can’t guarantee that a patient I see isn’t unknowingly a carrier, so I’m eliminating all risks by riding this out at home. What if I am at high risk? What if I have a household member that is high risk and I don’t want to be exposed?

“Yes, I’m seeing people and will continue to do so.”

I have spent my career telling people that they need to come to my office to get to the root of their health issues and then address them. I work with sick people all of the time and this isn’t the time to back down. The 1918 flu is a great illustration of how my care can really help people at a time when they need it most.

Both sides have one thing in common, though: right now, they think the other side is crazy.

Personally, my county is shut down. They say to stay in your home unless your work is one of a small number of categories.  The first thing on that list is Health care operations.

I coach doctors all over the world. Are you considered a “Health Care” provider in your neck of the woods?

Lots of offices right now are NOT seeing a lot of cancellations. Their teams are uniting. They feel like this is what they got into the business for in the first place. They have been educating patients for a long time (though it’s never too late to start!) and know how to be a thought leader.

These people are here to serve, ready to talk about the facts, and dedicated to practicing responsible healthcare to mitigate risk.

When things settle down, these people will already have an audience, a platform, and a reputation for helping their communities to get through troubled times.

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