Where to Start

We know that no two offices operate the same way, and we know that no two doctors have the same goals. We've created flexible options to allow you to select the best way for YOU to work with us. Take a look below at three of the most popular ways to start transforming yourself, your practice, and your community with instant access to the Optimal Health Training Programs.

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optimal health training program

A unified system giving you EVERYTHING you need to thrive in an Optimal Health model

  • Get started with YOUR biggest challenges OR use our suggested order to build your dream practice
  • Headspace & Personal Growth: YOU and your own headspace are the foundation for your success.
  • Operating Systems & the Team: learn how to run a business and build a dream team
  • Communications Mastery: how to help your patients truly "get" what you do so they want what you offer, allowing them to stay, pay, and refer for a lifetime!
  • Practice Marketing: Clarify your niche markets, find the "sticky" message that attracts them, and then get that message in front of them as quickly as possible!
  • Flow & Handling Growth: effective ways of identifying roadblocks in your way so that you can eliminate them and keep growing. Go waitlisted, hire an associate, and continue to thrive!
  • Monthly Live "Half Hour to Power" group calls to get your questions answered and keep you moving towards your goals!

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patient communications training program

Learn how to get your patients to truly "get" it so they will stay, pay, and refer for a lifetime!

  • The Most Popular of the 5 Systems of Optimal Health Success
  • Learn how to communicate in a different way instead of using scripts to talk AT people (we all know that scripts do NOT work!).
  • Mastering First Contact with New Patients
  • The Art of the Dr.'s Consultation: gain rapport and find out why THEY are truly here to see you.
  • Performing a Powerful Exam; help them realize that their issues stem from a health problem, NOT a back problem
  • Report of Findings: Find out what they TRULY want in relationship to what YOU can truly do for them, and simply show them how to have it.
  • Daily Interactions: Discover simple changes to your routine in how you speak to patients so that you effortlessly build lifetime patients, drive referrals, and earn five-star reviews!
  • Re-Examinations and Re-Reports: Learn how to overcome the "Achilles Heel" of health professionals.

12 payments of


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