When patients finally "GET" what you do, they'll WANT what you offer.
This is how you build a practice full of patients who stay, pay, and refer for a LIFETIME!

"When it comes to communicating in an Optimal Health and Wellness model, Russ Rosen possesses spectacular, battle-tested skills and strategies!" -Dr. Pat Gentempo

Discover the Keys to Highly Effective Patient Communication

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Easily and Effortlessly build a highly profitable True Optimal Health Wellness Chiropractic Practice.
  •  Build authority in your community.
  •  Create a loyal following.
  •  Sky rocket your internal referrals (the best kind of new patients).
  •  Take more time off.
  •  Boost profitability.
  •  ...and much, MUCH more!

  • Learn the Blueprint

    Learn how to truly communicate with your patients. Engage their reptilian brain. Ask the right questions instead of learning some script. Get your information into their neo cortex and over to their limbic system and create a new belief system for your patients... and they will stay, pay and refer for a lifetime!

    Put It Into Action

    Do the module. Take the quiz. We respond and help you in any way we can. Get on the phone and do your two BONUS personal coaching sessions and we will not only help you full master and integrate the consultation and examination but you will better learn how to master the rest of the modules and process.

    Grow Your Practice

    Close the gap between what they thought when they came in (You can help my neck or back pain), and what you know you can do for them (Help them get healthy and stay healthy for a lifetime), you will have a practice full of people who love what you do and want what you offer!

    What IS The Optimal Health Chiropractic
    Communication System?

    We have created a self-paced, online learning center that gets you to the CORE of the transformation you need to build a true Optimal Wellness chiropractic practice. We back it up with personal check-ins, a private online community of your peers, and ready-to-go materials you can implement TODAY. Below are the contents of the Communications System discussed in the webinar.

    Modules 1 and 2: LAASR

    Imagine understanding the foundation to all communication! Well, that is exactly what I am going to teach you with the LAASR communication system. It is a new system of thinking, communicating and using socratic questions so you can have your patients understand the value of your care like never before.

    Modules 3 & 4: Pre- Consult. & Dr's Consult

    These modules will lay the foundation so that you can inspire your clients to lifetime family wellness care. You will learn the leading strategies on what to do in a pre-consultation and why exactly your CA should be doing this important part of the first visit so you can effortlessly and ethically increase the number of people you can serve. We will also dive deeper into my secret strategies to gain massive rapport with your patients in only moments so you can step into the revered role of the trusted health advisor.

    Module 5: Doctor's Exam

    We will go through the tools needed so you can accurately predict exactly what is going on with your clients while linking their current health crisis to a lifetime of lifestyle induced stress. By the time we are finished with this module, you will be able to have your patients experience the chiropractic message from the inside out. I am going to break down the exact steps necessary for you to quickly and easily implement this into your own practice so you can begin to experience results immediately. As you may know, I have a waiting list of doctors who are wanting to coach one-on-one with me - but this module is fashioned to give you the impression of being one of my exclusive coaching clients! The only difference is that I am going to be showing you this over your computer, at times that work best for you.

    Modules 6, 7, and 8: ROF

    I am going to show you the things that no one has ever taken the time to show people in our profession. Now let me give you a word of warning, the material that I am going to share with you in module 6,7 and 8 is very advanced and I have never taught it before in a format like this and quite frankly if used irresponsibly it can be dangerous! I know that sounds kind of corny..… but I am going to be showing you the exact strategies so you can ethically help your patients choose long term wellness chiropractic care for themselves and their families. I am also going to show you to this at the highest possible fees, even higher than you thought imaginable from your market - and do so ethically and having them willing and happy to pay it. By the time we have finished this module, the ROF will be one of your favorite visits.

    Module 9: Daily Interactions

    Up until now, I have only shared this information with a small group of elite doctors. Too many management companies focus on the initial visits but fall in a heap after that. The daily adjustments/interactions are where the rubber hits the road and these visits provide critical opportunities for you to continue to deliver the goods! In this module, you will learn the key strategies to keep patients on track so you can effortlessly reinforce the chiropractic message while stimulating opportunities to refer friends and family.

    Module 10: Re-Eval Re Report

    This is the piece of the puzzle that is most often missed and is a key if you are wanting clients to stay, pay, and refer for a lifetime. During visits 1 and 2, we helped our patients to realize what they want. In Daily Interactions, we delivered the goods. And in Re-Eval Re-Reports, our job is to get the patient to fully realize the phenomenal life changes they have received, expand their consciousness towards greater levels of health, and get their referrals! I will walk you through the exact re evaluation and re report checklist and questionnaire that are used by my high paying coaching clients so you will be able to knock it out in no time at all.

    Module 11: Difficult Questions

    Successful doctors don't just thrive when things are good -they thrive when things get tough. When you understand the key phrases, concerns and needs of your clients, then difficult questions provide an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your clients. In this module, we will work our way through the most difficult questions that come up so you can turn these potential land mines into great learning opportunities. I have found a way to simplify the process immensely so you will be able to understand the formula for dealing with ANY difficult questions that you might come across from this point onwards.

    Here's what doctors are saying about this program


    When it comes to communicating chiropractic in a true wellness model Dr.Russ is simply without peers. His strategies simply work! I just wish I had found his programs earlier. Thanks Dr. Russ!

    Dr. Angus Pyke


    Since starting to work with Russ our office has had the best year ever! Our per visit average for collections has doubled and all our patients are on the same fee schedule. Thanks again Russ for all that you do!

    Dr. Andre Camelli

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