Wellness Chiropractic Coaching

How do you know if you can even benefit from Wellness Chiropractic Coaching?

In today's modern era, there are a ton of choices in the market. I stopped counting the number of chiropractic coaching programs that I found online because there were just too many to track. Whether you are a new chiropractor or are well established, there are many reasons WHY you would want to find a wellness chiropractic coaching program. The real question is WHAT to look for and HOW to make that pick.

As a wellness chiropractic coach with a long-standing track record of helping chiropractors grow their practices, I have a significant amount of experience in this field. Whether we prove to be a good fit for your chiropractor coaching program needs or not, I want to help you find the right partner so that you can thrive.

Here are some things you should look for before you make the decision to hire a wellness chiropractic coach.

wellness chiropractic coaching Dr. Rosen

Are you ready for a chiropractic business coach?

This is a simple question, but it's one that many fail to answer before they start talking to wellness chiropractic coaching companies. Until you are really clear about who you are, what you want to do, and why you want to help people as a chiropractor, you're going to struggle to find success.

There are a lot of factors at play here, but our years of experience with HUNDREDS of chiropractors has taught us a few things. Above all else, it is the concept of certainty that determines whether or not chiropractors are truly prepared to make the changes necessary to win.

The importance of certainty is something that we ask all of our new chiropractic coaching clients to complete. It is this first step of getting to the root of your own values and belief system and then testing those concepts that enables us to seriously approach the change needed to do great things.

Are you willing to go deep on vital topics?

Aside from your own certainty, there are other vital topics that need to be addressed before you start talking to chiropractor business coaches and practice management programs.

We take a lot of things for granted as chiropractors. While each new patient's experience is new to them, it quickly becomes old hat to us. As a result, we stop questioning the basic fundamental wisdom that comes with our profession.

As a chiropractor coach, I encourage our coaching clients to think differently. We accomplish this in many different ways, but our dive deep sessions are one of the very first. For instance, we recorded a dive deep session on the definition of subluxation.

That's right. I want you to think about defining subluxation. You, the chiropractor. The person who uses the word dozens of times a day. The person who has it written on the walls, in your brochures, and all across your website.

What IS subluxation? The shocking truth is this: we've worked with HUNDREDS of chiropractors and only a handful were able to really break down the idea of subluxation in a meaningful way!

Why would you pick one wellness chiropractic coaching program over another?

Instead of tooting our own horns, I want to be very direct about why people choose to use our chiropractic coaching programs instead of other options in the industry.

One of the biggest is the way we see our role and your role in the process of developing your chiropractic business.

Many chiropractic coaching programs use their systems to create a mold for you to fit into. While you come to them with your goals and aspirations, you may quickly realize that your thoughts and desires are for naught. The quicker you adapt your thinking, goals, and behaviors to their system, the quicker they claim that you will find success. But... whose success is it?

We have developed our unique wellness chiropractic coaching program to do things differently. In fact, you'll find that many of the 47 pages of chiropractor coaching success stories talk first about how our concepts don't fit in with virtually any other coaching programs in the market. We place your individuality and personal goals ahead of our own mantras or pride. We don't want you to use our scripts, lines, and words; that would leave you feeling stilted and, well, not quite like yourself. Instead, we show you the key areas of influence in your process, programs, and patient communication, then develop an action plan with you so that you can utilize our tools and resources to fill in the gaps organically. 

Here's a quick way to see if our wellness chiropractic coaching program may fit you.

We wrote a book, "The 8 Steps to Have Your Patients Happily Stay, Pay, and Refer for a Lifetime", that has been very well received in the industry. If you put in your email address below, I will send you a copy right away.

I want you to skim the book and look at some of our big ideas. I want you to look at how we talk about action. I want you to see our line of thinking and gauge for yourself how congruent it is to your own operating structure.

If you want to proceed further, I would recommend setting up a 15 minute coaching consultation with us. During that time, we can answer your questions and point you to the right version of our wellness chiropractic coaching programs for you.

Ready to get going, but not sure of the right option?

There are a lot of variables involved in choosing a wellness chiropractic coaching program. We want to solve as many of those variables for you as possible - and do it quickly. Let us know that you would like to get on the phone and talk to us about your needs, where you want to go, and what you think you need help with. In about 15 minutes, we'll get really clear together and make a plan for moving forward in the best way possible for YOU.

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