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If you want your patients to get healthy and stay healthy for a lifetime instead of just out of pain, then you're in the right place.

the 8 steps to have your patients happily stay, pay, and refer for a lifetime

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Whether you are closed or just slower than usual, this quarantine is the perfect time to sharpen your skills and prepare for how your business is going to thrive as things improve. So many of us are getting a real gut check because we thought our patients understood that our care is a vital part of their optimal health. But if that’s not actually happening, then you need to watch this new on demand training right away.

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What Others Are Saying

"When it comes to communicating in an Optimal Health and Wellness model, Russ Rosen possesses spectacular battle-tested skills and strategies."

Dr. Pat Gentempo

"Russ has a unique ability to find your weaker points and quickly come up with strategies to make change. His communication strategies are outstanding!"

Dr. Angus Pyke

“Instead of going “wide” Dr. Rosen goes “deep.” Instead of superimposing his values, he unlocks yours. He offers high levels of personal attention, intimacy, and accountability that create a “safe place” to face the issues blocking practice growth."

Bill Esteb

"Russ has become an expert at teaching chiropractors how to make the moral and practical, profitable. Learn from his experience, follow his guidance, and watch your practice and life transform. Most importantly, watch your impact in your community soar."

Dr. Jason Deitch

"Dr. Rosen genuinely cares about each doctor’s definition of success, and utilizes proven principles to help them attain it. His integrity-based approach is a perfect fit for anyone who has felt uncomfortable with efforts to arm-twist, manipulate or use scare tactics on patients."

Kim Klapp

"Since starting to coach with Russ, our office has the best year ever! Our per visit average for collections has doubled and all of our patients are on the same fee schedule. The time we were spending on new patient exams, reports, and re-exams has literally cut in half due to the streamlined communication skills we have attained. We plan on breaking even more records and seeing even more miracles!"

Dr. Andre Camelli

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